Automated Transcription Services

With our signature Automated Transcription Technology, it is now possible for you to stream preliminary transcripts live on to your work flows. Complete edited transcripts can also be delivered as a single dispatch at a turnaround of 1-1.5x the duration.

High Quality Transcription Services

We also have a hybrid transcription solution wherein the automated transcripts are shot to our manual workflow where it is further proof read and edited by our highly experienced transcription professionals for a superior quality. We provide extremely reliable tailor-made solutions with our efficient automated workflow at a quicker turnaround.

Formats – Transcripts

We deliver transcripts in any format specified by our customers. Let to us know your specifications.

Coverage By Our Digital Transcription Services

  • General Events — Corporate Conference Calls, Corporate Seminars, Educational Forums, Workshop Proceedings, Press Briefings, Meetings.
  • Business and Financial — Investors Meetings, Conference Calls, Teleconferences, Product Launch Meets, Financial Reports.
  • Media Related — Documentaries, Talk Shows, Interviews, etc.
  • Law Firms — Legal reports, arbitration & court transcriptions, etc.
  • Educational — Content from research, thesis, seminars, lectures.
  • Political and Government Liaisons — Meetings, Hearings, etc.

You can get in touch with our experts 24*7 for any of your specific transcription needs.