Automated Sports Clipping

Digital Nirvana’s Automated Sports Clipping

Nowadays, young viewers tend to watch sports and games online, social media or on mobile devices, and quite a few of them rarely sit down to watch an entire game. This means a wide range of viewers are consuming sports snippets. Capitalizing on the trend, Digital Nirvana recently announced first of its kind all-automated sports clipping service. Our Sports Clipping Service enables broadcasters to capture and reproduce any fast-paced moment of a game. Our system can ingest hours of sports streams on any given day and can search and analyze these streams in no time to create relevant clips.

Digital Nirvana’s Sports Clipping Service with Automated Caption Synchronization

Our Sports Clips are integrated with automatically synchronized captions, which allows broadcasters to publish sports media content online or via social media without any considerable time delay, this is also done in compliance with new FCC regulations. Our Sports Clipping service together with the frame-accurate synchronized captions enhance viewer experience to a greater extent.

How it Works

Digital Nirvana’s fully automated Sports Clipping Service automatically analyzes real-time sports broadcasts to generate ready-to-publish clips of the highlights. Our service is also capable of generating highlight images and GIFs for promotional activities for our customers.

Key Benefits

  • Cloud-based, real-time analysis
  • Companies don’t have to do their own logging
  • Quickly publish the clips to website or social media
  • Generate highlight reel
  • Playlist creation
  • FCC regulation compliance

To know everything about our Automated Sports Clipping service with Caption Synchronization, please get in touch with our industry specialists.