The Advantages of Using a Media Monitoring Solution with CableCARD Technology

In today’s digital world, broadcasters and content creators must share relevant, timely social media content to stay engaged with their audiences. To do that, media access and program recording with high-powered performance and efficiency is necessary. Ideally that process should be incorporated into an existing workflow, and here at Digital Nirvana, we’ve built that capability right into our monitoring system with our CableCARD technology.

CableCARD technology allows users to to easily access and record programming from cable networks and local broadcasters with direct feeds from the cable service provider without using a set top box. One cable card can record up to six channels simultaneously, and customers can change channels manually or automatically to record specific programming using the MonitorIQ Program Guide.

This technology allows for users to record and share content with greater ease. Other benefits include cost efficiency and an effective use of space. To read more about our CableCARD technology, check out our newly published application brief here.