Automate Your Editing with Our New Metadator Software Application

At next week’s NAB Show, the latest innovative technologies in broadcast and media technology will be showcased. With automation and improved operational efficiency in mind, Digital Nirvana will introduce Metadator – a software application that makes the editing process more efficient for broadcasters and content creators using the AVID Interplay media asset management platform.

With its ability to generate locators for media assets outside of AVID’s Interplay MAM system, the application makes it easy for AVID users to export media to external sources for generating transcripts or metadata that can be automatically ingested back into the AVID Interplay MAM platform. The Metadata application automatically extracts video footage and audio, generates content metadata or transcripts using speech-to-text technology, then ingests the information back into AVID Interplay. It simplifies the process of metadata and transcript generation by automating it with proven technology – improving the turnaround time while reducing costs and improving overall operational efficiency. 

The application automates what’s been a manual process of combing through footage and creating scene summaries. Metadator communicates with AVID Interplay using web service APIs to access content. Users can export media to Digital Nirvana’s cloud service for generating transcripts or metadata with locators for the media assets, and automatically ingest it back into AVID Interplay, so content creators can easily locate metadata when editing footage down to a singular show.

Discover how Digital Nirvana’s new Metadator software can improve your operations. Visit us at NAB in Booth SU10121! 

The NAB Show is coming up in just a month, and the Digital Nirvana team is gearing up to show off our full suite of media management products and services in Booth #SU10121. We hope that you’ll visit our booth during the show! Click here to schedule a visit to meet Digital Nirvana’s experts, and here’s a peak at what we’ll be showcasing:

Services: We offer high-quality cloud-based Caption Generation for all pre-recorded and online video content through an automated process over the cloud with options to create multiple formats and integrate directly to the user’s video platform.

Our cloud-based Caption Synchronization service automatically re-aligns live broadcast captions for online usage. Captions can be synchronized for an entire show, short clips and montages. And text can be revised on final captions for FCC compliance.

Online video providers and Subscription video on demand services can benefit from our Subtitling Creation Service by utilizing its automated speech-to-text capabilities for increased efficiency and high-volume handling.

With our Video Logging service, media production houses and producers with a great deal of footage can improve editing efficiency, as well organize content and the discoverability within their data centers.

And our Monitor IQ Cloud Service is a browser-based, on-the-go, broadcast monitoring and content repurposing SaaS.

Products: At NAB we’ll showcase CAR/TS (Capture, Analyze, Replay – Transport Stream) – a standalone media management product that records and monitors the transport stream, provides alerts of non-compliance, offers time-shifted playout, and allows users to cut segments and export section of the transport stream for more detailed analysis.

Also to be shown is Monitor IQ Media Management Platform Lite – which allows users to monitor and repurpose content over a simple, web-based GUI without hardware but with the capacity to accommodate one ATSC channel along with sub channels FM/AM, ASI or SDI input.


Fremont, CA, October 19, 2016 – Digital Nirvana, developers of innovative media management products, announces its participation at the upcoming NAB Show New York. Taking place November 9-10 at the Javits Convention Center, Digital Nirvana will showcase its newest solutions in Booth #732 .

One booth highlight will be the latest version of the company’s flagship MonitorIQ media management platform. Delivering a full range of multi-channel signal monitoring, logging, compliance and archiving functions, Version 5.0 features cloud-based recording and OTT stream monitoring functions, as well as HTML5 and HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) support. It also incorporates the ability to record from Matrox’s Monarch HDX streaming appliance and includes a new, user-friendly interface.

Monitor IQ 5.0

Digital Nirvana will also showcase its new closed captioning offerings, including automated closed captioning and automated caption synchronization services. Automated closed captioning is generated using Advanced Voice Recognition Software, and can be used for Web publishing of clips that don’t have closed captioning as well as generating closed captioning for long form content for broadcast. This technology reduces the time and cost to publish, and is beneficial for user experience, search engine discoverability and FCC compliance.

At the show, the company will also display its CAR/TS (Capture, Analyze, Replay Transport Stream) transport stream recorder, which records and monitors the transport stream and provides alerts on non-compliance as well as the capability to cut segments and export sections of the transport stream for more detailed analysis. CAR/TS also offers time-shifted playout for multiple time zone broadcasts and a disaster recovery solution for keeping a broadcaster’s signal on-air with recorded content.

“We’re very proud of our latest media management solutions,” said Hiren Hindocha, President and CEO, Digital Nirvana. “We strive to make products and offer services that make our customers’ jobs easier in a cost-effective way. Our media management platform is more efficient and user-friendly than ever before, and we look forward to showcasing it, along with our other new products, to attendees at NAB Show New York.”

About Digital Nirvana
Since 1996, Digital Nirvana has been empowering customers with innovative knowledge management technologies. By combining media and digital technology expertise, Digital Nirvana makes it possible for organizations to streamline operations and gain competitive advantage with advanced product and service offerings. A comprehensive service portfolio includes media monitoring and analysis, market intelligence and analytics, and learning management services. Digital Nirvana is headquartered in Fremont, California with offices in Hyderabad and Coimbatore, India.

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