Our support professionals are ready to serve you.

Technical Support

At Digital Nirvana, we understand customer requirements and are duty-bound to support and provide solutions. Our customer support team is staffed with well-trained, qualified, and experienced professionals who are committed to Digital Nirvana’s stringent service quality standards. The team is equipped to handle a wide range of tasks which include planning, building, installation, troubleshooting, maintenance, upgrades, training, and product disposal.

Digital Nirvana’s technical support team also performs troubleshooting via telephone and email. Customers can choose a service package that best meets their needs. Packages range from 8-hour x 5 days a week/Monday through Friday to comprehensive 24 x 7 x 365 days per year coverage.

Telephone and Email Support

Technical assistance can be requested at Digital Nirvana’s Help Desk via email or telephone. All requests will be tracked and followed up with the help of a service track ticketing application. An automated acknowledgment email goes to the requester with the ticket number, which in turn can be used to track the progress of the request. These requests are queued in accordance to priority for technical support engineers for further investigation and final resolution. Progress is recorded in the ticket, which can be accessed by the customer. Digital Nirvana also provides regular and on-demand updates on the activities associated with a given request. Customers can also request weekly conference calls with the support team to follow up on their feature requests and issue resolution.

Monitoring Solutions

Digital Nirvana’s support team caters to client requests for remote monitoring of its software and hardware installations. Monitoring solutions are flexible to accommodate varying requirements agreed upon by both the requesting customer and Digital Nirvana. Every monitoring instance is seconded by a detailed report on the status and health of the installation. Recommendations are also made for improvements, and issues found are routed through the normal technical support channel for resolution.

Technical Engineer Training

Customers opting to maintain Digital Nirvana products themselves can have their engineers trained by Digital Nirvana product trainers. The training goes beyond product features and covers diagnostic techniques, remedial actions, and recovery procedures. At the end of the training, a Digital Nirvana certified engineer will be ready to identify and address issues or problems and/or define a workaround without having to involve Digital Nirvana personnel.

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