For defense and government ministries, monitoring and analyzing broadcast media is a key part of daily activity. Today’s decision-makers glean important insights and information from content shared on open broadcast channels.

Government organizations of all sizes can benefit from effective media monitoring which helps them:

  • Gauge how department messages are being communicated and received by the public
  • Track political advertising
  • Enforce compliance with broadcasting regulations
  • Keep government officials informed of breaking news and developments which impact ministry operations.

Media Monitoring

MonitorIQ™ Broadcast Monitoring System

  • A modular platform combining signal monitoring, air-check logging, archiving, and other valuable functionality in a highly scalable-networked solution. Available in four versions, MonitorIQ helps manage a wide array of processes including regulatory compliance, trouble-shooting, and quality control.

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AnyStreamIQ™ Live Stream Monitoring in the Cloud

  • This Saas solution reliably records, logs and monitors live streamed video for regulatory compliance, trouble-shooting and quality control.

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Media Monitoring and Analysis Services

  • Allows government ministries to outsource media monitoring and analysis to Digital Nirvana’s team of highly qualified media monitoring experts.
  • Using our own advanced technology and proven methodologies, Digital Nirvana supports government media monitoring programs with services that:
    • Monitor news coverage
    • Track reactions to announcements and messaging
    • Monitor political advertising
    • Measure the success of campaigns
    • Capture, organize and manage an archive of audio/video data
    • Repurpose archives of audio/video content into new formats
    • Monitor social media conversations and attitudes

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Repeat Audio Detection

Ad Tracking

  • Accelerates and enhances the tracking and analysis of radio commercials while eliminating manual monitoring and logging processes.

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Transcriptions and Synchronization

  • Transcribe client meetings, speaking opportunities, workshops, and client events
  • Synchronize transcripts to audio/video content

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