Advertising/Public Relations

Digital Nirvana offers a wide range of services for advertising agencies, PR firms and media monitoring companies.

Media Monitoring and Analysis Services

  • Provide comprehensive ad tracking for radio and TV commercials
  • Monitor news coverage for mentions of clients and competitors
  • Track reactions to announcements and new product releases
  • Monitor ad placements and spot airings
  • Provide schedule verification of radio and TV broadcasts
  • Measure the success of campaigns against competitive campaigns
  • Capture, organize, and manage an archive of audio/video data.
  • Monitor social media conversations and attitudes toward client brands
  • Repurpose an archive of audio/video content into new formats

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Transcriptions and Synchronization

  • Transcribe client meetings, speaking opportunities, workshops, and client events
  • Synchronize transcripts to audio/video content

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Market Intelligence and Analytics

  • Develop competitive intelligence and benchmarking reports
  • Provide secondary research and analysis
  • Improve decision-making with data analytics

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