Closed Caption

Closed captioning is the process of providing visual display of the audio portion of a program through readable text. Captioning increases the reach of a program to hearing impaired and to those who are learning English as a second language. In addition, it provides assistance while watching a program at crowded or noisy places like public, social or recreational meeting sites. Furthermore, the FCC mandates closed captioning of most programs being broadcast on-air or online.

Digital Nirvana provides affordable, quality post-production closed captioning services for broadcast and online videos. This service includes roll-up and pop-on captioning services for all technology platforms, subtitling, as well as caption synchronization and conversion to an IP format from broadcast or vice versa.

Our captioning services can handle multiple SD and HD video formats and a wide range of caption file formats. In-house encoding to provide tailor-made solutions for each customer, including ready-to-air captioned videos. Our enterprise-level workflow has checkpoints to ensure content and caption quality along with industry compliance.

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