Audio/Video Logging

Today, corporate information is shared and consumed in a variety of ways including audio/video conferencing, webcasts, webinars and eLearning. The amount of data generated on each day is so large, organizations find it difficult to search and access. This results in valuable content being lost or overlooked as the amount of information goes beyond manageable limits — which can ultimately lead to non-compliance of regulatory guidelines such as Equal Access 508.

To address this challenge, Digital Nirvana offers a highly reliable and cost-effective audio-video logging service that captures, organizes and manages audio-video data. Digital Nirvana deploys highly qualified staff to manually review each and every audio and video broadcast while logging keywords for relevant segments. These keywords can then be uploaded into internal databases and search engines. Customers can use our logging service via online ordering and tracking, and receive rapid turnaround of accurate, high-quality keyword logs.

Key Benefits:

  • Navigate through large amounts of company-generated data with ease
  • Boost productivity and employee performance
  • Enhance the value of multimedia assets

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