Ad Tracking and Analysis

Today’s Advertisers are working on tight budgets as companies across all market verticals have reduced their advertising spend. Every penny invested in advertising today must drive ROI – and advertising agencies are more accountable than ever before.

To assist advertising agencies, PR firms and corporate marketing departments, Digital Nirvana has forged strategic alliances with top companies to offer ad tracking and analysis for radio, cable and network TV. By deploying our unique automatic detection system in combination with fingerprinting technology, advertisements are recognized automatically and audio ads are compiled for expert analysis.

Our three-tier web-based architecture helps all stakeholders in an ecosystem track their ad campaigns and easily compare their ad investments to competitive spending levels.

Technologies Deployed:

  • Audio fingerprinting
  • Repeat audio detection
  • Metadata editing

Key Benefits:

  • Multiple language support and non-captioned broadcasts
  • Large geographic footprint of monitored radio and TV ads
  • Complete ad placement and airing metrics
  • Detailed campaign analysis and customized reports

An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company