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Digital Nirvana’s Lecture Capture Solution is aimed at providing better learning experience to students while not disrupting the pedagogical methodologies from faculties.

Multiple-Source Capture Improved Learning Opportunity for Students
Capture Lecture as well as a wide range of supporting materials from slideshows to smartboards, perfectly synchronized while publishing Over the past years, captured lectures have proven to improve student retention and graduation.

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HDMI streaming of live lecture, synchronized with supporting materials.

HDMI Recording Record/Store In Cloud or Data Center
The high quality, synchronized video integrated to the desired platform provides opportunity for students to attend classes virtually without losing the in-class experience Synchronized recording and archival helps students to revisit classes when required. Flexible options to record and store in the cloud or in-premise data center.

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Multi-platform integration helps students access archived lectures.

Improved Discoverability Video Tagging
Creation of subtitles/transcripts for making the entire video and content searchable, saving time for students to find the appropriate video. Ability to provide search functionality for videos that doesn’t have subtitle/transcripts. Multiple search factors including Metadata, Boolean, Keyword, Annotation and Tags.

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Experts analyzing the lecture content based on requirements from faculties to prepare tests, course material and evaluations. Lecture package for redistribution saves hundreds of hours spent on course preparation

Test preparation and evaluation Lecture Packaging
The lecture content is monitored by experts to create tests based on the content and evaluation of the same with reports back to Universities, saving a great deal of time for faculties Identification of key lecture materials, edit according to requirements and packaging it for redistribution by Universities as Online courses

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