Song Tracking System

Digital Nirvana’s Song Tracking system enables performers, content owners, and other members of the music industry to accurately monitor song airplay. Our Song Tracking solution helps customers effectively track song usage, prevent piracy, and ensure proper payment of royalties, without any costly or time-consuming manual monitoring or logging.

We use advanced audio fingerprinting technologies with repeat audio detection capabilities to automatically identify and tag copyrighted songs and programs. No encoding or watermarking is required. We then conduct 24×7 monitoring of a large network of radio and TV stations, and provide comprehensive airplay information — such as location, time, and repetitions.

The solution includes:

  • Audio fingerprinting
  • Repeat audio detection (RAD) technology
  • Reference database and metadata of copyrighted songs and programs
  • Detailed and customized reports of tracked content

An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company