MonitorIQ™ Broadcast Monitoring System

Digital Nirvana’s broadcast monitoring solution combines signal monitoring, loudness monitoring, air-check logging, ad verification, competitive analysis and content repurposing while running on our Open Media Appliance.

MonitorIQ 5.0 Highlights

  • Record HD and SD in full resolution
  • Record in cloud
  • OTT Stream monitoring in cloud
  • Record multi-language audio/video, VANC metadata, and CC/teletext/subtitles
  • Improved UI for enhanced user experience.
  • Compatible with latest standards-compliant web browsers
  • HTML5 player – no need to install Flash, ActiveX
  • Cut/clip and editing functionality for quality control, viewing, content repurposing and ad verification
  • Ability to export media to Flash, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.264 and XDCAM

MonitorIQ 5.0 features include

Matrox Monarch Streaming and Recording

Matrox Monarch HDX integration has added live streaming and recording capabilities to MonitorIQ. It extends MonitorIQ’s ability to support HDMI sources, cloud –based recording and to monitor sources in remote locations where a client has a temporary event. Clients get centralized access on a single, web-based interface to monitor multiple streams from multiple locations. Monarch HDX is easy to deploy and easy to configure device and/or can be remotely configured.


Search by date, time, and channel as well as search for key words in the close caption, alert reports, as-run and traffic logs. Our Boolean search capability makes it easier to define the search by adding AND, OR, + in your search for combination of words. The results in a summary list are hyperlinked and can take you to the video content.


Alerts can customized based upon the channel, time of day, duration, and choice of error such as a missing closed caption, loss of video or audio, loudness, etc. You can now set up helpful custom profiles with specific preferences that are searchable by time, date and alarm profile. See a demo video of this feature.

Frame-Accurate Cut Clip Editing

  • Enhanced editing allows you to produce frame-accurate cut clip edits on live or previous recordings, allowing for quick turn-around when re-purposing and editing content. See a demo video of this feature.

Improved User Interface

  • New design with intuitive navigation helps you work quickly and easily. New UI is user friendly and simple

Variable Speed Playback (Option)

  • Our new Variable Speed Playback option allows for playback at speeds such as 2x, 4x, 1/2x, and -2x, for example. It enables faster operations during legal reviews, ad verification, content review and repurposing applications.

MonitorIQ versions:

MonitorIQ Starter

  • Basic logging functionality
  • 30/90/360 days of low-res storage or 1/7/14 days of high-res storage

MonitorIQ Essentials

  • Basic logging functionality
  • 30/90/360 days of low-res storage or 1/7/14 days of high-res storage
  • Compliance monitoring
  • Loudness monitoring
    • Offers measurement to the ITU BS.1770-1 and BS.1770-2 standard.
    • Provides compliance with the US CALM Act, ATSC A/85 Practice, EBU R128 and country-specific variance.
  • Web Captioning
iPad, iPhone and Android interface.
Centralized management.

MonitorIQ Options

  • iPad/iPhone/Android interface
    • Gives all employees mobile access to critical monitoring functionality
  • NAVE watermark decoding
    • Logs NAVE (Nielsen Audio Video Encoder) IDs along with broadcast content to enable effective troubleshooting and proper ad rate setting
  • Centralized management
  • Director’s audio track
    • Sync the Director’s audio track with video and time-stamped metadata
    • Assists with troubleshooting newscasts and programs
    • Helps program director track verbal instructions during newscast and compare to broadcast performance
    • download the application brief
  • REST API for 3rd party development
    • Uses internet technology to build applications that integrate with broadcast workflows
    • Enables flexible development and workflow customization
    • download the application brief

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