AnyStreamIQ™ OTT Monitoring in the Cloud

If you monitor your live streams manually – using tablets, phones and other devices – we’ve got some good news for you.

Digital Nirvana’s AnyStreamIQ automatically records and monitors your OTT streams using a cost-effective, highly efficient cloud based solution. AnyStreamIQ helps you know if your live stream is up and running with no loss of video, audio or closed captions. This helps ensure that viewers are satisfied with their live stream experience — and the FCC is satisfied with web captioning compliance.


  • Records and monitors FLV, HLS and HDS streaming formats
  • Recorded streams can be easily searched with any web browser
  • Simple cut-clip functionality makes it easy to provide proof-of-airing
  • Advanced reports display all channel alerts in one place

Benefits of the Cloud

  • Move monitoring expense from Capex to Opex.
  • Spread monitoring expense over twelve months via subscription pricing
  • Eliminate hardware installation and maintenance expense

Make sure AnyStreamIQ is part of your OTT workflow.

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