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Digital Nirvana’s Hybrid Solution Makes it Easy to Record Multiple Channels

For the many broadcasters that have a need to record multiple channels, most media recording solutions on the market today require the use of separate set top boxes whose outputs get fed into DN_ProductButtons_MMP their existing system. With this option, a lot of space is taken up in the user’s media center, and changing the channels that are being recorded is a process full of potential issues. In contrast, included in Digital Nirvana’s Media Management Platform is its Hybrid Solution – which enables a much cleaner, efficient way to record multiple live video feeds. With the Hybrid Solution, one platform is capable of recording six cable channels and an ASI feed, making media recording a task easier than ever for engineers. An example of one of our customers who is taking advantage of our Hybrid Solution is Comcast, who records six channels all within our 2 RU system. Find out more about our Hybrid Solution and how Comcast’s operations are simplified with the use of it by viewing the following video: Please check out our Media Management Platform page for more on this and to find out the details on all of the system’s offerings.  

Monitor from Anywhere with Our Centralized Management Server

The rapidly expanding number of broadcast channels and content distribution platforms challenges broadcasters, television station groups, and networks in battling for ratings and ad revenues. The ability to ensure the integrity, compliance and quality of content from origin to distribution, with faster troubleshooting and resolution of problems, is essential in today’s broadcasting environment. This necessity is exactly why our Media Management Platform includes Centralized Management. So what is Centralized Management?
The Centralized Management server of our platform unites all units deployed throughout the system to one central point. It empowers users with simultaneous access to multiple channels of content from any geographic area at any time. The Digital Nirvana platform delivers a full range of multi-channel signal monitoring, logging, compliance and archiving functions, is fully customizable, and features a user-friendly interface. Check out this video of Digital Nirvana’s CEO, Hiren Hindocha, further explaining Centralized Management: For more information, you can view our Feature Brief on Centralized Management here. As always, give us a call at +1 (510) 226-9000 or shoot us an email at to find out more about our Media Management Platform.

Our Platform’s SmartSearch Feature Simplifies Content Retrieval

By Hiren Hindocha One of the features of Digital Nirvana’s Media Management Platform that we’re most proud of is the SmartSearch application, which makes our product a powerful content retrieval platform. Our unique SmartSearch feature enables users to easily find clips based on specific parameters that they set. Operators can filter for content on certain dates, times and channels. It also allows searches for keywords within closed captions, alert reports, as-run reports and traffic logs. The advanced playback feature allows for playback at speeds such as 2x, 4x, 1/2x, 1/4x forward and rewind, enabling faster operations during legal review, ad verification, content review and repurposing applications. Check out this video where I further explain what SmartSearch is all about: To learn more about SmartSearch, you can view our feature brief about it here. You can also check out an overview of our Media Management Platform to learn more about all of its features and capabilities here.

Digital Nirvana’s New Integration with Nexidia’s Media Analysis Software

By Hiren Hindocha

The FCC mandates that captions for the hearing impaired be accurate, complete and synchronous with the corresponding video. At the 2015 NAB Show, we showcased one of our third-party integrations that helps broadcasters and content creators to comply with caption laws. Our new partnership with Nexidia‘s media analysis software, Illuminate, allows us to leverage the Digital Nirvana Media Management Platform with the caption monitoring, compliance and synchronization features, as well as the video description Media-Management-Platform-300x162compliance capabilities of Nexidia’s Illuminate software.

Our solution combined with Nexidia Illuminate provides immediate and comprehensive reporting on caption and video description compliance, and enable users to view the video on a timeline to pinpoint exactly where the captions go out of compliance. This integrated approach automates compliance monitoring and unifies the reporting process. At Digital Nirvana, it’s always our mission to empower our customers with smart solutions that help them do more with less. That’s why we’re proud to offer our Media Management Platform’s integration with Nexidia Illuminate, which makes caption compliance less time-consuming and more cost efficient than ever before. To find out more about the integration and our platform, check out our product page and recent news announcement. Please give us a call at +1 (510) 226-9000 or shoot us an email at to further discuss how our products can help your business. Thank you to everyone who stopped by the Digital Nirvana NAB booth!

Our New Media Management Platform Feature Makes Social Media Publishing Easier Than Ever

One highlight of the latest version of our Media Management Platform is the new social media publishing and service function, which offers users ways to better manage their social media accounts. We created this feature because better social media management is a need that we’ve identified in the market, and we’re proud to offer our customers a way to more efficiently engage on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. mediapro NAB 2014 no logo Media Management Platform 2.0 enables users to easily find the most important clips in their program dashboard, then allows them to publish those clips to their social media accounts with a couple of simple clicks. Customers also have the option to have Digital Nirvana staff review each and every video broadcast desired and attach enhanced metadata to relevant clips. The metadata makes media management more time efficient for customers by having it uploaded into internal databases and search engines. Creating enhanced metadata also allows for better user engagement by enabling “More like this” algorithms to identify more content that the user may prefer to view. Continue reading Our New Media Management Platform Feature Makes Social Media Publishing Easier Than Ever

Announcing Our Media Management Platform’s Integration with Pikolo Systems

By Hiren Hindocha At Digital Nirvana, we’re always looking for ways to collaborate with other technology providers to give our clients the most efficient media management technology. Earlier today, we announced our most recent collaboration – our Media Management Platform‘s integration with Pikolo Systems‘ Incident Tracker software. The Digital Nirvana Media Management Platform provides a simple set up to capture content from multiple sources and publish it to digital platforms – all while monitoring the video and audio for quality and compliance. With Pikolo Systems’ Incident Tracker software, every incident from Pikolo-Incident-Video-Playerproduction, acquisition, promotions and playback is recorded and analyzed. Integrating the two systems will provide users with an immediate visual reference within the Pikolo’s GUI of the video broadcast at the time of a reported discrepancy. Operators can now see precisely what was being broadcasted at the time that an issue occurred. We’re looking forword to showing this integration for the first time at next month’s NAB Show, where Digital Nirvana will exhibit in Booth #SU8813. At NAB we’ll be unveiling the latest version of our Media Management Platform, which includes a new social media publishing and service feature. Please visit our booth if you’re attending the show, and feel free to contact us with any questions about our media management technology at or +1 (510) 226-9000.

Welcoming CER-TEC as Our New Manufacturer’s Rep

By Hiren Hindocha Digital Nirvana is always looking to team up with other companies that share our ideals and believe in our products and services. Earlier today we announced our partnership with Manhattan-based manufacturer’s representative CER-TEC Inc. CER-TEC represents several of the top broadcast and post production industry manufacturers in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic region, and we are confident that they’ll be a great fit for us. CER-TEC’s CEO, John J. Cerquone, said, “Digital Nirvana’s media management platform provides a Media Management Platformsimple set up for broadcasters to capture content from multiple sources and publish it to digital platforms – all while monitoring the video and audio for quality and compliance. There’s nothing out there that does all of what the Digital Nirvana solution can do. We’re proud to include such an impressively designed product on our client roster.” We look forward to working with CER-TEC moving forward, and to strengthening our relationships with all of our existing manufacturer’s reps, including Torrance, CA-based Piper Digital; A and D Avenues out of Roanoke, VA; and EMEA Gateway in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

2014 Recap of Our Corporate Social Responsibility Program

By Hiren Hindocha Corporate social responsibility and philanthropy is part of the company culture here at Digital Nirvana. We’re committed to making a positive difference in the world – not just through helping organizations and companies with our technology, but also through nonprofit work to aid those in need. Today we shared details of Digital Nirvana’s 2014 corporate philanthropic endeavors. Our corporate social responsibility program included support of several organizations that provide shelter for the homeless, raise awareness about suicide, and aid victims of domestic violence. In 2014 we were involved with Vibha – a group that works to provide underprivileged children rights to education, health, and opportunity in the U.S. and India. Our company also donated to Narika – a provider of domestic violence services in California’s Bay Area. Digital Nirvana also provided support to the Second Harvest Food Bank of Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties. Continue reading 2014 Recap of Our Corporate Social Responsibility Program

How Digital Nirvana’s Platform Simplifies Operations for a Major Sports Broadcaster

Digital Nirvana’s media management platform helps today’s broadcasters capture content from multiple sources, create content, and publish to multiple digital platforms while monitoring for quality and compliance. Check out how one major sports broadcaster based out of the Bay Area has been using the platform to simplify its operations: Client: Top Sports Broadcaster based out of San Francisco Requirements:
  • (Network) Advertising department wanted to send high resolution videos clips to their clients
  • Operators in multiple locations across California needed access to the recorded content
  • Multiple user environment and locked network made software installation process very lengthy on user’s desktops
  • Local feeds in the form of Encrypted QAM were supposed to be recorded, which were available as Cable Subscription
  • For remote feed recording, which was available as HD-SDI, the right technology was required
Continue reading How Digital Nirvana’s Platform Simplifies Operations for a Major Sports Broadcaster

Learn More about the Media Management Platform with Our YouTube Videos

Digital Nirvana recently introduced its Media Management Platform, which offers a suite of applications that allows broadcasters and media entertainment companies to capture, edit, share, and manage content – as well as prove compliance, monitor and analyze video. To help better explain the features of the platform, we’ve created several videos on our YouTube channel for your viewing. We offer a quick overview video of the platform: We also have published videos on several specific Media Management Platform features, including its capture application, which allows users to record up to hundreds of channels; its edit application, whichIBC 2014 Digital Nirvana media management hardware enables operators to produce frame-accurate cut clips to rebroadcast content and repurpose clips for social media; its compliance application, which lets users log and monitor video content for regulatory, licensing requirements and quality control; and its share feature, which allows for unlimited user accounts and enables users to capture and record multiple video feeds and repurpose them quickly for multiple platforms such as web, mobile, social media and the cloud. We encourage you to visit our YouTube channel to learn more about the vast features that our Media Management Platform offers.

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