Monitor from Anywhere with Our Centralized Management Server

The rapidly expanding number of broadcast channels and content distribution platforms challenges broadcasters, television station groups, and networks in battling for ratings and ad revenues. The ability to ensure the integrity, compliance and quality of content from origin to distribution, with faster troubleshooting and resolution of problems, is essential in today’s broadcasting environment. This necessity is exactly why our Media Management Platform includes Centralized Management.

So what is Centralized Management?

The Centralized Management server of our platform unites all units deployed throughout the system to one central point. It empowers users with simultaneous access to multiple channels of content from any geographic area at any time. The Digital Nirvana platform delivers a full range of multi-channel signal monitoring, logging, compliance and archiving functions, is fully customizable, and features a user-friendly interface.

Check out this video of Digital Nirvana’s CEO, Hiren Hindocha, further explaining Centralized Management:

For more information, you can view our Feature Brief on Centralized Management here. As always, give us a call at +1 (510) 226-9000 or shoot us an email at to find out more about our Media Management Platform.


By Hiren Hindocha

One of the features of Digital Nirvana’s Media Management Platform that we’re most proud of is the SmartSearch application, which makes our product a powerful content retrieval platform. Our unique SmartSearch feature enables users to easily find clips based on specific parameters that they set. Operators can filter for content on certain dates, times and channels. It also allows searches for keywords within closed captions, alert reports, as-run reports and traffic logs.

The advanced playback feature allows for playback at speeds such as 2x, 4x, 1/2x, 1/4x forward and rewind, enabling faster operations during legal review, ad verification, content review and repurposing applications.

Check out this video where I further explain what SmartSearch is all about:

To learn more about SmartSearch, you can view our feature brief about it here. You can also check out an overview of our Media Management Platform to learn more about all of its features and capabilities here.