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Announcing Our New Partnership with EMEA Gateway

By Arco Groenenberg, Digital Nirvana’s director of sales and marketing for broadcast products

The Digital Nirvana team is pleased to announce that it’s joining forces with EMEA Gateway for global sales and marketing operations. This partnership will allow Digital Nirvana to expand its international sales in the more than a hundred countries included in the EMEA region, a key component to our business expansion plan.

Guy Elliott, Managing Director, EMEA Gateway Ltd
Guy Elliott, Managing Director, EMEA Gateway Ltd

In joining forces with EMEA Gateway, we benefit from their vast expertise in the EMEA marketplace. Digital Nirvana is looking forward to increasing its brand awareness and reseller networks in the region, and we’re confident that this partnership will help us to move forward in doing so. Teaming up with EMEA Gateway also gives us a local presence to better serve our current customers in the area.

Founded by industry veteran Guy Elliott, EMEA Gateway has over 25 years of experience selling hardware and software products in the broadcast industry throughout the Europe, Middle East and Africa region.

Elliott said, “EMEA Gateway offers a deep understanding of broadcast technology as well as the complex challenges of both traditional and emerging markets. Most importantly, we provide unmatched access to contacts formed over decades in the EMEA broadcast arena, including close relationships with the local resellers in the region. We know what works to jumpstart sales and marketing efforts, and we deliver ‘feet on the street’ to make that happen. We’re excited to partner with Digital Nirvana, allowing them to focus on developing their unique technology solutions while we drive the sales channel and expand the company’s EMEA market share.”



Launching the FIFOPro Ingest Back-Up System at NAB 2014

By Arco Groenenberg

At next week’s NAB Show, we’ll unveil our new FIFOPro ingest back-up system – an ideal solution for news departments and live production applications to streamline workflows and save time, space and money.

Traditionally for SAN back up, broadcasters have relied on recording onto multiple tape decks, one for each feed, with station personnel manually loading, labeling, cataloging and storing each tape for back-up FIFOpro_PressImage_nologoinsurance. In this mode of operation, if the need arises to restore from tape, it must be manually de-archived, taken to the editing bay, loaded and then transcoded into the proper format prior to editing.

FIFOPro has been created out of market demand for an easier, more efficient way to back up ingest. The system provides an automated workflow. It continually records and archives multiple HD-SDI feeds on a rolling First-in/First-out (FIFO) basis, retaining all content for 72 hours before deleting it from the system. This data is automatically recorded in an edit-ready AVCi 50 format along with its metadata, including channel, date and time. If original content is lost or damaged, it’s a simple process to find and access the stored media via web browser and export the selected clips to the watch folder for immediate editing.

If you’re a broadcaster or live event producer looking for an ingest back-up system to simplify your operations, Digital Nirvana has the perfect solution for you. Stop by our NAB booth, SU11017, to learn more about FIFOPro and how our other new technologies can benefit you.

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