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Introducing Digital Nirvana’s New Open Media Appliance

By Hiren Hindocha

With NAB 2014 just around the corner, the Digital Nirvana team is getting ready to introduce some exciting new technologies and product updates at the show. One of the new technologies that we’ll show is our Open Media Appliance, a true hybrid server offering multiple I/O choices in a single appliance. It enables media and broadcast organizations to dramatically cut their total cost of monitoring.

Our Open Hybrid Appliance offers all the functionality and performance needed to monitor every channel of content. It allows a wide selection of inputs and outputs, including SD/HD SDI, ASI, ASI-IP, ATSC, QAM, 50 Hz, 60 Hz and DVB-T/C/S2. It also includes a Linux operating system, an industrial-grade server, built-in redundant power supplies and system alerts – all in one 2RU or 3RU device.

OpenMediaAppliance_PressImage_nonameThe appliance offers high-res storage, the ability to expand to hundreds of channels and system alerts when troubles are detected.  Our MonitorIQ broadcast monitoring and MediaPro content repurposing solutions both use the Open Media Appliance.

Media Pro provides a fast and reliable way to record using the Open Media Appliance for rebroadcast and repurposing. It uses advanced cable card technology to repurpose HD content from both cable and broadcast channels.

MonitorIQ combines signal monitoring, loudness monitoring, logging, archiving, and competitive analysis in one, highly-scalable networked appliance. The solution provides a range of unique options, including iPad/iPhone/Android interface, NAVE watermark decoding, centralized management, director’s audio track and a REST API for third party development.

So, why buy multiple servers when you only need one? We invite you to stop by our NAB booth (SU11017) to find out more about our Open Media Appliance and how this cost efficient technology can benefit your operations.


The Latest Version of MonitorIQ to Debut at NAB

By Arco Groenenberg, Digital Nirvana’s director of sales and marketing for broadcast products

At the upcoming NAB Show in Las Vegas, Digital Nirvana will unveil the latest version of our MonitorIQ broadcast monitoring software. MonitorIQ is an in-house logging and compliance monitoring solution for traditional broadcasting media.

MonitorIQ is a popular product of ours that offers excellent cost performance and provides signal-MonitorIQ NAB 2014_PressImage_nologomonitoring, loudness monitoring, aircheck-logging, ad verification, competitive analysis and content repurposing. New innovative functionality has been added to MonitorIQ Version 4.0, including transport stream recording, as well as SmartSearch, editing, playback and advanced engineering alerts. It also features Web Captioning to comply with new FCC regulations, Program Guide Extraction to enable recording by program, and an Infrastructure Self-Check to proactively monitor the overall health of the system. MonitorIQ runs on our Open Media Appliance industrial-grade server. The highly scalable server accepts multiple inputs and and exports content in a wide range of file formats.

Our broadcast monitoring solution can record Multi-language Audio/Video and VANC Metadata. Designed with an efficient architecture and a simple Web interface, it integrates seamlessly with third party software. The resulting workflow is quick and easy, making the most of time and money.

Please stop by our NAB booth, SU11017, to learn more about the newest version of MonitorIQ.

NAB Booth Highlight: AnyStreamIQ 2.0

By Hiren Hindocha

At the NAB show next month, one of the highlights of the Digital Nirvana booth will be the newest version of our AnyStreamIQ OTT monitoring system. We first introduced AnyStreamIQ at last year’s show in response to the increasing popularity in live streaming and growing importance of reliable OTT monitoring, and are looking forward to showing off Version 2.0 at NAB 2014.

AnyStreamIQ is the industry’s first-ever cloud-based OTT monitoring solution, reliably monitoring OTT anystream NAB 2014content to ensure that live streams are up and running. It monitors for quality and compliance issues, such as loss of video, audio or FCC mandated closed captions. AnyStreamIQ Version 2.0 features support for HDS capture and advanced alert reporting. The solution greatly benefits the operations of broadcasters, content creators, aggregators, and distributors of streaming content by meeting all of their monitoring needs in today’s sophisticated content delivery environment.

Using a cloud-based monitoring solution offers many benefits, including the elimination of expensive equipment, and the inclusion of a subscription-based pricing model that spreads monitoring costs throughout the year. There is no hardware or software to install with AnyStreamIQ, and it offers a browser-based interface. If you’d like to learn more about AnyStreamIQ, please visit our product page, and we welcome you to visit us at the show to learn more. The Digital Nirvana team is looking forward to demonstrating AnyStreamIQ 2.0 at our NAB booth (SU11017), and we hope to see you there.


Repurpose Content for Social Media and the Cloud with the New MediaPro 2.0

By Hiren Hindocha

At next month’s NAB Show, we’ll introduce our newest broadcast monitoring and content delivery solutions, including the MediaPro 2.0 content repurposing system. It offers a fast, affordable way to record multiple channels for content rebroadcasting, repurposing and ad verification. MediaPro 2.0 includes the ability to record content and share it easily on social media platforms and themediapro NAB 2014 cloud.

We’re excited to offer social media integration with the new version of MediaPro, as social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube play such an important role in how information is shared today. MediaPro 2.0’s seamless workflow gives broadcasters the tools they need to easily and efficiently cut, clip, and share content with social media and the cloud.

With MediaPro 2.0, multiple users can record from one to hundreds of channels using Digital Nirvana’s Open Media Appliance; and then edit, clip, and publish content in real time. Clips can be stored and sent via email or FTP for archiving or external viewing in high- or low-resolution. Even non-technical staff can record from broadcast and cable channels and easily produce hi-res, HD broadcast-ready clips to repurpose and monetize content.

To learn more, simply schedule an appointment with us at NAB or visit our booth at SU11017.



Reseller Spotlight on France’s OBV.TV

OBV logoTo better serve the French broadcast market, Digital Nirvana recently forged a partnership with OBV.TV, a distributor of broadcast products based in Paris. OBV.TV distributes production, post- production, transmission, and broadcast management products from some of the top technology providers in the world, and Digital Nirvana is so pleased to now be offering its solutions through the company.

OBV.TV at SATIS 2013, a French broadcast exhibition
OBV.TV at SATIS 2013, a French broadcast exhibition

“Digital Nirvana is a world leading company for media monitoring and analysis,” said Eric Changarnier, project and distribution manager at OBV.TV. “They offer very high quality products, and we appreciate how responsive they are to market demands. Their MonitorIQ broadcast monitoring system particularly fits well into the French market.”

OBV.TV was created in early 2011, and focuses on offering its clientele the latest technologies that can benefit their operations at very competitive prices. OBV.TV offers Digital Nirvana’s media monitoring, compliance recording, content repurposing, media analysis and loudness measurement solutions.

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