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The Digital Nirvana Customer Satisfaction Program

By Vishnu Beri, Co-founder & COO, Digital Nirvana

Here at Digital Nirvana, our first priority is to offer world-class customer service and support, which is why we’ve launched a new customer satisfaction program.

Vishnu Beri, COO of Digital Nirvana
Vishnu Beri, COO of Digital Nirvana

Our customer satisfaction program is designed to give our clients a voice, and allows us to gain valuable feedback about which services are delighting customers, what new technologies they would like to see developed, and any areas that we can improve on. We’ve recently created several new technologies as a direct result of customer feedback, such as the new features of MonitorIQ Version 3.2 and the launch of our multiple language media analysis service, and look forward to developing more new technologies based upon the customer input we receive with this program

The program will measure customers satisfaction after the sale as well as post-installation, and will measure ongoing satisfaction with service and support, invoicing, billing and product enhancements. We’re creating disciplined, proactive response processes that effectively escalate and resolve customer issues in a timely and effective manner. As we invest in our support personnel, training, technology and support infrastructure, we plan to measure customer satisfaction at every stage of a customer’s lifecycle with Digital Nirvana.

Digital Nirvana is dedicated to offering high quality support that surpasses the industry standard. To our customers, we encourage you to give us your feedback when you receive our survey invitation. Your opinions matter to us, and your input will help us to serve you better. Continue reading The Digital Nirvana Customer Satisfaction Program

Digital Nirvana Sponsors the AMEC Summit 2013


Last month, the Digital Nirvana team attended the 5th International Association for Measurement and Evaluation of Communication (AMEC) Summit in Madrid, Spain from June 5-7. Digital Nirvana was a silver sponsor at the event. The AMEC event is one of its kind in its domain, and is attended by media monitors, PR and research firms, and direct brands from all across the globe. The Digital Nirvana team obtained a great deal of valuable insight by interacting with different industry professionals during the summit.

“The conference really gave us a chance to connect with potential customers and discuss our management solutions,” said Vinay Kumar, head of service delivery for Digital Nirvana. “The networking sessions, workshops, and panel discussions really helped us to better understand the pain points that media monitoring companies experience. And it helped us clearly see what types of services are needed to address those challenges.” Continue reading Digital Nirvana Sponsors the AMEC Summit 2013

What’s New with MonitorIQ Version 3.2?

Earlier this year at the NAB Show, we introduced the newest version of our MonitorIQ broadcast monitoring solution. New features of MonitorIQ 3.2 include Program Guide Extraction, Hybrid Appliance, Web Captioning and MonitorIQ Infrastructure Self-Check.  Below you’ll find a video of our COO, Vishnu Beri, discussing these new features.



The Shift to Live Streaming – But Who is Monitoring It?

By Hiren Hindocha, President and CEO, Digital Nirvana

Today in the media industry, there is a lot of buzz surrounding 4K, the cloud, and streaming technologies. There’s a demand for “TV Anywhere and Content Everywhere.” Consumers want access to high-quality content on all of their devices, and content owners are scrambling to provide this for them.

AnyStream photo 6 3 13

While media consumption has changed rapidly over the past few years, streaming media has particularly accelerated thanks to broadband’s increased penetration and the faster bandwidth speeds it enables. Companies like Netflix, Google, Amazon, Redbox, Hulu have capitalized on the availability and speed of broadband delivery. And content owners (whether broadcast or print) are all video producers. Every major market TV station is live streaming or on the verge of live streaming its content. Some even stream live 24×7. Continue reading The Shift to Live Streaming – But Who is Monitoring It?

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