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How to Repurpose Encrypted Cable Feeds Quickly in Full HD

Cable operators and broadcasters frequently repurpose video content from cable for rebroadcast or to post on their websites. The programming helps to further their reach into multiple markets and different types of programming.  Sports and news departments, in particular, need a fast and easy way to record encrypted cable feeds in full HD for multi-platform broadcasting.  For example, call letter stations often repurpose content from a major cable network for their news or sports programming.

Repurposing content involves creating multiple versions of a piece of content to distribute and monetize over different distribution technologies to multiple target audiences.  Video content may be produced in high quality, but encoded into different formats (e.g., MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.264, VC1, Apple ProRes), different standards and frame rates (DVD, PAL, NTSC) , and for different delivery methods (DVD, broadcast or cable TV, satellite, IPTV or streaming). Broadcasters and cable operators increasingly need multi-format, multi-screen encoding and decoding solutions that can handle the transcoding and simulcasting needed for a streamlined workflow and an efficient operation. Major service providers such as ad agencies, content distribution companies and post-production houses need well-integrated equipment that can help them quickly create many versions of a piece of content to effectively target different segments.  The video must be formatted for different audiences at different times and delivered to various viewing devices like TVs, iPads, computers and smart phones. Continue reading How to Repurpose Encrypted Cable Feeds Quickly in Full HD

Fisher Communications Deploys MonitorIQ for Loudness and Compliance Monitoring

Newark, CA, January 16, 2012 – Fisher Communications, Inc. [NASDAQ:FSCI], a Seattle-based broadcast communications and media company, announced that Digital Nirvana’s MonitorIQ Essentials 3.0 is the station group’s chosen platform for regulatory compliance and loudness monitoring.

MonitorIQ Essentials Quad Screen

MonitorIQ provides Web-based, HD/SD channel monitoring, logging, compliance, and diagnostics/QC, as well as archiving of content recordings for up to 90 days. MonitorIQ Essentials is one of four versions designed to tailor MonitorIQ to the varying requirements of broadcasters. “So far, we’ve installed MonitorIQ at three of our stations, including KOMO-TV4 in Seattle and KATU in Portland, OR in 2011, and KBAK-TV in Bakersfield, CA this year. Our plan is to eventually deploy it across the entire station group,” said Lee Wood, regional director of engineering for Fisher Communications, in Seattle, WA, which operates 13 full power and seven low power television stations across the U.S.To verify regulatory compliance or diagnose technical issues on the recorded air-checks, MonitorIQ lets station engineers and operators watch HD video and listen to individual audio channels to check the quality their viewers experienced during the live broadcast.

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